As we head out of the long winters sleep and approach spring Chinese Food Therapy can help support the shift in season!

The Huang Di Nei Jing reminds us to “rise early with the sun” and take “brisk walks” to move with the Yang energy of the season.  Spring is a time of ascending and active energy.  A Chinese proverb states “bundle up in the spring and stay cool in the autumn”.  Wearing a scarf around the neck during the Spring will protect from the wind that increases during this season.  Wearing layers to avoid becoming too cold is important as our wei qi (protective energy) is more active with the more dramatic changes in temperature of the season.

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Seasonal transition and immune support using essential oils

The Autumn equinox has just passed marking the beginning of fall. We begin seeing cooler temperatures and the changing colors of leaves. In Chinese medicine the fall is associated with the Metal Element. The Lung and the Large Intestine are the organs associated with the season and element…

My favorite essential oil for supporting the Lungs and immunity is Eucalyptus radiata….

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