It’s Spring!!  Blooming flowers and budding trees!  So beautiful and yet can create lots of allergy discomfort! 

It’s Spring!!  
Blooming flowers and budding trees!  So beautiful and yet can create lots of allergy discomfort!  If you suffer from allergies acupuncture is a great way to help resolve the underlying imbalance leading to the scratchy throat, itchy eyes, runny nose and whole host of other symptoms that may come along with allergies.  

If you are looking for some natural alternatives to help support you through the allergy season I have a few of my favorite recommendations to share!  When you know that allergy season is approaching you can start the recommendations and continue thru the season.

Nettle is a powerhouse for allergies.  The kind that helps with allergies needs to be freeze dried or tinctured fresh.  Nettle works by inhibiting “mast cells” in the body.  Mast cells are where histamine is formed, stored and released.  By preventing their breakdown, they act as a natural antihistamine.  Nettle is also such a great herb to help support the body overall.  This herb will not have the drowsy and drying side effects of allergy medicine so give it a try!  

Quercetin is another go to for allergy relief.  Often you can find supplements with Nettle and Quercetin combined.  I have a dear friend who swears by the combination!  It is a yellowish plant pigment found in many common herbs and foods like onions, apples and other fruits and veggies.  It is used to boost the immunity and is anti-inflammatory.  It is said to inhibit the histamine release and stop the swelling of the nasal passages. This supplement is not to be taken during pregnancy.  

Vitamin C boots the immune system and is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.  I love squeezing a half a lemon into my water bottle each day to help support the immune system and keep hydrated.  

Probiotics are a great go to as well.  Probiotics that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species have been shown to support the immune system.  When the gut is imbalanced inflammation can occur and this inflammation has been linked to allergies.  So give it a try!  

Jade Wind Screen is a Classical Chinese Herbal Formula that can be taken to help prevent allergies from manifesting.  This formula helps stabilize the exterior and tonifies qi.  Chinese Medicine is a pattern based medicine and this formula would help if there was wei qi and lung qi deficiency.  Ask a Chinese Herbalist if this formula would be a good fit for you!  Chinese Herbal Medicine has many other formulas to help with allergy relief based on your specific need and pattern.   See a Chinese herbalist to help decided what formula is best for you!

Have a joyful sneeze free spring!