Acupuncture for pregnancy support and labor prep - an amazing support tool!

When I was pregnant with my third daughter she was breech at 37 weeks.  I had two acupuncture treatments and she turned!!  I was so amazed I decided right then to go to acupuncture school.  I had been using acupuncture for my health care prior to that experience but that was really when I was clear that this is how I wanted to be of service to people.

I love working with pregnant women and being a part of such an amazing process.  I really enjoyed my pregnancies and found acupuncture to be beneficial during my own pregnancies.  Acupuncture can help support women during pregnancy with nausea, hip pain, low back pain, heart burn, insomnia, edema and many other discomforts.  Acupuncture can help to strengthen the mother which makes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.  

Kidney 9, Zhubin (guest house/spirit house) is called the happy baby or beautiful baby point.  This point is said to be needled at the end of each trimester (14, 26 and 36 weeks) to help ensure a beautiful, healthy baby.  This point is utilized to strengthen the body and tonify qi, blood and jing (our source energy). Women need an abundance of qi and “good blood” to grow a heathy baby.  An ancient treatment is to use only this point with one golden needle at the end of each trimester and is said to clear and separate the karma of the mother and baby.  This is to ensure the baby has a clear path to enter the world.  This treatment helps to create conditions for the baby to thrive and be happy to help ensure a healthy happy baby hence the name!

My favorite time to work with women is at the end of pregnancy for birth preparation.  During the last trimester I encourage women to come in weekly for a series of treatments that help to soften the sinews, nourish qi and blood and calm the mind.  I have seen these treatments help support women through the last stage of pregnancy and support a smooth labor.  

Acupuncture during pregnancy is a way to help mom take time to create a connection between mother and baby.  It is a time for mom to slow down and take care of her body and mind as she prepares for the birth and transition to motherhood.  

If you are interested in reading more about how acupuncture can support women for birth read this study done by the amazing Deborah Betts.  I have learned so much about working with women during pregnancy by studying with her.